GAC Weather FAQ’s

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The Great Adventure Camp considers the safety of your children of the utmost priority during camp.  Here are some answers to some of the question you might have when experiencing inclement weather.

1. How will we, as parents, be kept informed while our children are at camp and through what means of communications?

Our primary source of communication will continue to be through the camp website located at In the event that we need to communicate with parents, we will do so by email/phone. You are also welcome to call us at any time to check on your child.  Keep in mind if everyone calls it will tie up the phone line so please bear with us during this time.

2. If my child wants to come home, can I pick them up?

Yes, that is always the privilege of any parent, regardless of weather, to pick up your child at any time. Contact the GAC office at 713-898-6433 if you would like to pick up your child.

3. At what point do you keep the children inside?

At the first sign of thunder or lighting, it is our policy to cancel all outdoor activites.

4. Will you do any outside activity when it’s raining?

Yes, unless there is lighting and/or thunder, we will continue to engage in outdoor activities. We may also change the schedule to accommodate lake/swim time during drier times of the day.

5. Is any part of the camp in danger of flooding?

No, no portion of the camp where children will be is at risk of flooding. During our camp history, we have never had any flooding. We are not located near a river.

6. What will my child be doing if they are stuck inside during the storm?

We have a detailed contingency plan to insure that camp remains exciting and fun for your children, even if they are inside. Inclement weather will not slow down the fun we will have at camp.


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